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As we grow and expand, our machining and fabrication capabilities continue to evolve. We support a wide array of disciplines by offering material solutions through technological advancement. 

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Solvus Global has an 8,000 sq. ft. facility located in Worcester, Massachusetts and is presently expanding to a 30k+ sq. ft. facility to house additional machining and fabrication capabilities. Additionally, we operate out of the Cold Spray Synergy Site (CS3) in Webster, MA. Our technicians and engineers have access to a variety of machinery and complex systems that ultimately allow them to contribute their best work. Onsite between our current locations, we have the following capabilities: ​

  • Fabrication:

    • Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing System (Fronius CMT 4000 Advanced w/ ABB robotics w/ FLIR A615 thermal camera also known as a robotic welder that can be used to additively manufacture metals such as Inconel, steels, and aluminum)

    • VRC Gen III Cold Spray System w/ Multi-Axis Gantry Robot System for high pressure additive manufacturing that can be used for structural or cosmetic repairs across a range of industries

    • Huys Electrospark Deposition Welding Machine 

    • Cold Gas Technology (CGT) System 

    • Coming Soon: Micro-Epsilon scanCONTROL 2900-50/BL Profilometer 

    • Coming Soon: Friction Stir Additive Manufacturing system 

  • Characterization:

    • Complete Metallographic Evaluation Suite

    • Eddy Current Probe

    • Ultrasonic Testing Equipment

    • Rockwell & Vickers Indenter for hardness testing

  • Software:

    • Dynamic Group of Software Engineers

    • SolidWorks

    • Fusion 360

    • Amazon Web Services for robust IoT development/ Azure Cloud Services

    • PostgreSQL/ SQL Server

    • ABB RobotStudio 

  • Processing (All Powder Operations): 

    • Stainless-Steel Tube Furnace for thermal treatment of powders ​

    • Buchi B-290 Spray Dryer

    • 4L horizontal ball mill, 4L vertical ball mill, heat treatment, fluidizer, air classification, electrodrying spray 


  • Targeted materials developed and scaled for your application  

  • Materials analysis and characterization 

  • External program management to meet timelines and deliverables 

  • Cold spray development and optimization 

  • Wire arc additive manufacturing development and optimization 

  • Traceability/testing  

  • Creative mechanical design solutions   

  • Development of custom, safe, certified powder handling solutions 

  • Consulting 

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Targeted materials developed and scaled for your application


Cold Spray

Development and optimization of cold spray technology

Workers with Safety Vests


Address challenging projects from materials processing and models to equipment.

Colleagues Going Over Plans

Program Management

External program management to meet timelines and deliverables 

Complex Test Traceability

Software development tests to ensure the application meets its requirement and specifications

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Development of custom, safe, certified powder handling solutions



Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing development and optimization

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch


Creative mechanical design solutions



Recycling technology development and optimization


Electrospark Deposition

Characterization Suite
Characterization Suite
Ball Mill
Ball Mill

Mechanical Alloying


Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Equipment

Automated Pestle & Mortar
Automated Pestle & Mortar
Box Furnace
Box Furnace
3D Printing
3D Printing
V Blenders
V Blenders