Cold Spray Application Development

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Cold spray is a manufacturing process that uses high-velocity gas to consolidate metallic and ceramic-metallic powders to produce either coatings or near-net structures. The entire process is executed below the melting temperature of the material, making it ideal for sensitive and reactive materials. Solvus Global works closely with research, industry, and government entities to develop critical applications that can revolutionize the repair, joining, and fabrication of components.


Aerospace-grade aluminums, Ti-6Al-4V, and nickel-based super-alloys are just a few of the material solutions being developed for applications in aerospace.​


Porous multi-material coatings, wear-resistant bio-compatible coatings, and customized coating developments are just a few of the material solutions being developed for the biomedical sector. ​


From development of repair solutions for critically damaged legacy components to high-temperature corrosion- and wear-resistant materials, Solvus can support in the development of key defense coatings & component development.​

Oil & Gas

Corrosion- and wear-resistant coatings for the ID or OD of long sections of pipe, repair of damaged high-strength steel components, and in-field near-net fabrication are a few application areas Solvus Global is developing.​