Custom Powder Development

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Solvus Global has developed a suite of customized processing and evaluation capabilities for various powder-based materials. These methods are used to provide customized solutions to customers including equipment manufacturers, fabrication houses, and research organizations. Whether you are looking for a new material blend or just a detailed assessment of the materials that you use in your additive manufacturing process, Solvus Global is able to help. 

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We have the ability to thermally process for microstructural or surface chemistry control.

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We have the ability to efficiently size particles either via classification or sieving techniques. All efforts are evaluated for size using a proprietary size analysis routine.​

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We use a variety of blending operations to bring materials of different phases and different sizes together while maintaining uniformity and homogeneity. ​

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We can mechanically alloy a range of different materials either for spheoridization or mixing purposes.​