Dynamic Data Dashboard

Global Problem

Modern manufacturing methods depend on complex processes where quality and repeatability are challenging. In order for these revolutionary processes to be adopted in mainstream manufacturing better methods of insight and control are needed.​

Our Solution

The Dynamic Data Dashboard (D3) is a full-fledged data management and control system for advanced manufacturing. With full integration into OEM equipment, advanced sensors, and machine learning control of processing conditions, D3 is the future of manufacturing.

Specific Activities

D3 builds customized interfaces for a variety of PLC and microcontroller-based manufacturing processes. By incorporating various sensor types we create data streams that can all be captured in our custom cloud data storage systems. This data is then used to build machine learning controllers that provide predictive process control. 

Current Status

The first D3 system is in beta testing with partners in a technology known as cold spray. The system will be commercially available in Q3 2019.​

Expected Impact

These systems of the future are leading the way towards a truly interconnected digital manufacturing experience and are driving quality and efficiency to new heights.​

About the Company

Solvus Global is a technology-solution provider for materials and manufacturing, specializing in the areas of additive manufacturing, machine learning, and sustainable materials processing.

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