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Build & Innovate Greater (B.I.G.)

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Global Problem

Manufacturing supply chains today have become far too dependent on off-shore manufacturing capabilities, especially for large scale specialty castings and forgings. Additive Manufacturing technologies can provide production quality parts with far less cost and shorter lead times than re-deploying extinct supply chains for castings and forgings.

Our Solution

Build It Gigantic (B.I.G.) combines subtractive manufacturing with large additive manufacturing techniques such as Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, Plasma Arc Additive Manufacturing, Cold Spray, and Friction Stir Additive Manufacturing to provide cost-effective production of large parts greater than 1 Cubic Feet in volume, with relatively low rates of production (1-600 per month) out of specialty materials such as Inconel, Stellite, Maraging Steel, and Titanium. 

Specific Activities

Solvus Global, along with leading industry, government, and academic partners is currently qualifying several parts in preparation for low-rate initial production. With our own in-house automation, software, materials, and mechanical teams, we can tackle any job regardless of complexity.

Current Status

Solvus Global has active WAAM, PAAM, Col Spray, and FSAM Cells ready for use in development or production related activities and as actively scaling up current production capabilities to produce, treat, and machine parts up to 5' x 4' x 3' in dimension. 

Expected Impact

B.I.G. will re-shore extinct supply chains while providing for increased speed of development and innovation to drive forward progress for space, aerospace, defense, oil & gas, marine, and energy sectors. Within seven years B.I.G. will be your one-stop-shop for fabricating, treating, and finishing parts up to 30' by 30' by 30'.