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Sustainable Recycling Expertise​

Global Problem

Technological advancements and a growing global population are increasing material consumption at a rapid rate.  The need for sustainable materials and recycling process design to preserve the finite resources available to us has never been more relevant .

Our Solution

We design materials and systems with the end-of-life in mind. Our team has expertise in recycling technology development and optimization as well as systems analysis within the industrial ecology space. 

Specific Activities

Solvus Global has been awarded an NSF SBIR Phase 1 grant to develop an artificial intelligence algorithm to support the advancement of scrap metal sorting. We have also successfully executed many smaller-scale projects focused on material characterization and sustainable process design. 

Expected Impact

Ultimately, we aim to alleviate the reliance upon virgin material to meet the demands of technological and population growth. Our efforts will enable secondary materials to compete functionally with primary materials such that their usage can expand into safety-relevant components and into new market applications.