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About Us

At Solvus Global, we harness the power of a creative and multi-disciplinary team to solve difficult problems through development and commercialization of next-generation technology.

We focus on challenging and impactful problems–the ones that others shy away from.

We emphasize complete solutions that span development to implementation because we believe it is our responsibility to see a solution through to completion.

We create an environment where outside-the-box thinking is encouraged, and pride and passion in the work we do is vital.

Our team has the power to make decisions, the freedom to push boundaries, and the grit to overcome obstacles. We bring this same dedication to every problem for every customer; we are the interface of change.

The Team

Autumn joined the Solvus team in March of 2019 as Operations Coordinator and is now currently SG’s HR and Marketing Manager where she works to help showcase Solvus Global’s mission, success, and incredible team. She received her bachelor’s degree in Literature and Writing from Keene State College in 2016 and has loved being able to apply her love for people and creativity to her role at Solvus Global. At this stage in her career, she now speaks part-Engineer, which allows her to get excited about all of the company’s new projects. Outside of work, Autumn enjoys writing for her blog, She’s Wildly Capable, spending time outdoors, and thrifting. She is also an avid reader and loves a good DIY project.

Diran Apelian

Diran Apelian is a managing partner at Solvus Global and the Alcoa-Howmet Professor of Engineering, former Provost, and Founding Director of the Metal Processing Institute (MPI) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).   MPI is an industry-University alliance dedicated to materials processing with over 90 corporate partners. During the last decade, Apelian has worked on sustainable development, particularly resource recovery and recycling. Apelian has over 700 publications; 18 patents; and 15 books. During 2008/2009 he served as President of TMS. Prof. Apelian is a Fellow of TMS, ASM, and APMI; he is a member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), European Academy of Sciences, and the Armenian Academy of Sciences.

Aaron Birt

Aaron has a simple motto; if something is worth complaining about then it’s worth fixing. Aaron applies that thinking as a Managing Partner at Solvus Global where he believes in using the talent, resources, and partnerships of Solvus Global to take on and solve problems in the materials and manufacturing world. In his role at Solvus, Aaron leads corporate initiatives in machine learning, advanced materials, additive manufacturing, and powder processing. His PhD thesis was one of the first to address the growing topic of machine learning control for advanced manufacturing. Additionally, Aaron is co-founder and CEO of Kinetic Batteries, Solvus Global’s first technology spin-off. Aaron loves challenges in all aspects of life; whether it’s cooking up a new dish, hiking a summit, or scuba diving with the fishes, he’s always up for another adventure!

Sean Kelly

Sean is a Managing Partner at Solvus Global and leads the company’s sustainability and recycling programs. Sean is driven by success in every sense of the word. He is continually striving to change this world for the better and understands the importance of teamwork and work ethic. Sean received his B.S. (2014) from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Biomedical Engineering focusing on Biomaterials. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering in February 2016 and May 2018, respectively. He has expertise in recycling technology development and optimization and industrial ecology. In his free time Sean enjoys golf and working out, and will play any pick-up sport that crosses his path.

Joseph Heelan

Joe is a Senior Materials Engineer at Solvus Global and has been working closely with the SG team on cold spray and powder development efforts since the beginning of 2018. Joe is motivated by growth and a desire to lead a project from conceptualization all the way to a point where it’s delivering impactful results on a commercial scale. Prior to joining SG, Joe was a team lead and materials engineer in the aerospace industry. He spent two years working at Quest Global Engineering where his main responsibility was developing and testing new wear and impact resistant materials for Pratt & Whitney aircraft fan blades. Joe has both a M.Sc. in Materials Science and Eng. from WPI and a B.Sc. in Mechanical Eng. from Northeastern University. He specializes in electrochemistry and experimental setup and evaluation. On a personal level, Joe enjoys fishing and hiking with his wife and his dog Sampson.

Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson started as a Senior Mechanical Engineer at Solvus Global in October 2018 and joined the Solvus team after six years working in medical device research and development. He graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in mechanical engineering, then spent three years at Hologic and three years Thermi designing biopsy devices and radio frequency electrodes, respectively. Through this medical device career, Kevin has built a strong foundation in design controls, mechanical system design, process control, and quality system management.  Outside working hours, Kevin enjoys renovating his home, hiking with his wife and dog, and taking his family onto the beach in his Jeep.

Caitlin Walde

Caitlin received her Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering in 2018 from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where her research focused on enhancing and optimizing metallic feedstock powders for additive manufacturing processes. Her background is specifically in the thermal treatment of aluminum alloy powders, and she brings extensive knowledge of materials characterization techniques, such as SEM, TEM, FIB, EDS, EBSD, and DSC, to her analysis of other materials. Caitlin enjoys exploring new horizons, both in her professional and personal lives. Whether optimizing a new treatment or hiking a new trail, she finds fulfilment in finding and understanding the unknown. Her technical interests include powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing, and materials characterization, and her personal interests include running, hiking, and cooking.

Calvin Mwariama

Calvin Mwariama is a Software Developer born in Nairobi, Kenya, and mostly grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts. His current focus is building full stack native desktop applications using web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and along with developmental frameworks like React, and Electron. Immigrating the U.S was an exciting and new adventure for him. It was a land that seemed to be brimming in new age technology, which always fascinated him. The opportunity to finally be part of the technological craze, but most importantly, contributing to it, is something he holds near and dear to both his inner childhood and adult heart. Outside of development, he enjoys exploring cities and hanging out with friends.

Alino Te

Born and raised in Connecticut but transplanted to Worcester, MA, Alino is the child of immigrant refugees. What drives Alino is that he knows he does not know enough. He wants to learn as much as he can and that has set him on his current path of science and engineering. Alino obtained his bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. This led to a master’s in materials science and engineering at WPI in the Advanced Casting Research Center arm of the Metal Processing Institute. At the completion of his Master’s degree, the Army Research Lab based at WPI sought his expertise in solidification and metallography for a PhD in conjunction to his position at Solvus Global. If Alino cannot be found in the lab, he will most certainly be found snowboarding and backpacking through New England or surfing and ingesting as much coffee as possible!

Wei Wang

Wei is an Automation Engineer at Solvus Global, where he develops electrical and automation applications including designing, programming, and site commissioning. Wei has more than ten year of working experience in the electrical and automation field and will receive a master's degree in computer science from WPI in May 2019. Wei previously worked at Shougang Group, which is one of the largest steel companies in China for 5 years as an Automation Engineer and at Rockwell Automation for 7 years as an Industry Technical Consultant. Wei has implemented many large projects and has rich experience in the automation field both in the US and abroad.

Annette Langan

Annette Langan, MS, RD, CSOWM, LDN is a registered dietitian who serves as the

tongue-in-cheek Chief Operational Organizer for Solvus Global. A native of North Carolina, she graduated from Boston University in 2013 and never left the Northeast again.  She has a master’s in

Nutritional Biochemistry and has collected a wide array of other certifications that

add letters after her name.  As a dietitian, Annette specializes in culinary nutrition and professional writing/editing.  She is frighteningly organized and is motivated by a desire to help people's lives easier, both in the workplace and in

their personal lives.  Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, strength training, and

ballet, and occasionally writes for her culinary website, A Sprig of Time.

Emily Molstad

Emily has been a part of Solvus Global team since May of 2018 as a Materials Research Engineer. She is driven to be a part of the change to make industries and society more sustainable. Her career has always been centered around sustainability, which led her to the exciting field of material science and engineering. She has developed her skills and expertise around material characterization and data collection through the development of experiments and testing procedures. Additional technical interests include renewable energy waste reduction and recycling. Outside of her technical interests, she has a deep love for animals and traveling. 

Ali Valamanesh

Ali joined Solvus Global in 2019 as a chemical engineer. Before that Ali was involved with Kinetic Batteries, a Solvus Global spin-off company as a materials research engineer, where he researched and developed materials and processes for 3D printing Li-ion batteries. At Solvus Global, Ali works on a variety of projects spanning the development of novel materials, additive manufacturing, and use of artificial intelligence in process and material development. Ali is a WPI chemical engineering graduate, where he was involved in research regarding use of machine learning in cold spray and powder bed fusion. Outside of the lab Ali enjoys making foods from around the world, hiking, and road tripping.  

Autumn Minery

Autumn joined the Solvus team in March of 2019 as Operations Coordinator and is now currently SG’s HR and Marketing Manager where she works to help showcase Solvus Global’s mission, success, and incredible team. She received her bachelor’s degree in Literature and Writing from Keene State College in 2016 and has loved being able to apply her love for people and creativity to her role at Solvus Global. At this stage in her career, she now speaks part-Engineer, which allows her to get excited about all of the company’s new projects. Outside of work, Autumn enjoys writing for her blog, She’s Wildly Capable, spending time outdoors, and thrifting. She is also an avid reader and loves a good DIY project. 

Benjamin Young

Ben joined the Solvus team in September 2019 after recently moving to Worcester for his wife to pursue her dream of medical school. Prior to Solvus, he has research and work experience in a variety of fields and places: Computational Chemistry research in Oregon, Organic Synthesis research at his Alma Mater Biola University, and technical writing and electronics work in Colorado. Now, he supports the powders team as a Process Technician, where he utilizes his laboratory background to help with processing, characterizing, and shipping powders out the door. In his free time, Ben enjoys building puzzles, working with electronics, taking photos, and playing an assortment of board and video games.

Ryan Mocadlo

Ryan Mocadlo has extensive experience with additive manufacturing stemming from a PhD in Manufacturing Engineering. As part of his doctoral research, he spent three years designing and implementing a novel process known as Micro Cold Spray used in the direct deposit of electronic interconnects. His work on the Micro Cold Spray system included a strong focus on raw materials properties, resulting in a robust knowledge of material processing methods. In his free time Ryan enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. During the winter months, you are likely to find him hunting down the best snow for those memorable ski trips with friends and family.

Richard Eberheim

Richard Eberheim is an automation engineer at Solvus Global, where he uses his broad skillset to work on a variety of robotics and automation-related projects. He graduated from WPI in 2017 with a BS in Robotics Engineering and in 2019 with an MS in Materials Science. Richard is particularly interested and experienced in additive manufacturing, having spent much of his time at WPI working on new technologies for this field, culminating in his master's thesis, in which he developed a new metal 3D printing system. Richard's passion for manufacturing and robotics continues into his free time as well, making and tinkering on dozens of personal projects. When Richard isn't working on those projects, he also enjoys hiking, photography, and flying airplanes.

Sean Langan

Sean joined Solvus Global in December 2019 as a Senior Material Science Engineer. Previously, he received a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Rutgers University, a BA in Chemistry from Boston University, and worked at Leica Microsystems and as a freelance engineer. Sean has a diverse technical background, with expertise in a wide range of materials as well as materials processing and characterization. Sean’s passion within engineering is sustainability, and outside of work he volunteers for the Focus on Sustainability subcommittee of the Materials Research Society.  When not working, Sean is probably playing hockey, or spending time with his wife and friends.

Cameron Maillet

Cameron joined the Solvus Global team in October of 2019 as a Process Technician. Cameron graduated from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) in 2019 with a BS in Physics: Astronomy. Since starting at Solvus, Cameron has very much enjoyed getting his hands dirty and taking on new things, as well as how involved he has been able to be on nearly every project, even in the minor ways. He enjoys being a part of the diverse team at Solvus while working in the collaborative environment that the company provides. Outside of work enjoys playing video games, board games, and, similar to his work at Solvus, tackling a puzzle of some kind!  

Meagan McIntosh

Meagan McIntosh joined the Solvus team in March of 2020 as Operations Manager. Prior to working at Solvus, Meagan worked for WPI within both the Metal Processing Institute as a Finance & Procurement Assistant for 3 years, and part-time with the Accounts Payable department. Meagan’s focuses at Solvus are accounting, compliance, regulatory, and purchasing & inventory. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, crocheting, and obsessively doing sudoku puzzles. 



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