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Aaron Birt, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron's favorite adage is, "If a problem is worth complaining about, it's worth fixing." In 2017, Aaron, Sean, and Diran saw a need to create an opportunity for people and technology to stretch themselves as far as they could, as fast as they could, without sacrificing the core of what makes any person or entity tick. After hundreds of hours of brainstorming and dozens of iterations, Solvus Global was born. However, keeping such an intangible goal at the forefront of a young company is not an easy task.


Co-Founder, CEO

That's where Aaron comes in – his job for the last four years as CEO has been to continually guide Solvus on its trajectory towards realizing those dual ambitions of people & technology growth. Much of his time is spent crafting and executing the high-level strategies to achieve these ambitions; early in Solvus' history, these strategies revolved around raising capital without giving up control. From this, Solvus' government contracts program was born with a special focus on advanced and additive manufacturing.













As Solvus grew, Aaron's focus shifted towards growing the commercial side of the Solvus business, starting to establish the partners and customers that ultimately support the transition and growth of Solvus' technology enterprises. Today, Aaron continues to focus on these partnerships and growth areas, but is particularly focused on crafting the unique business model that Solvus has evolved towards – a home for creative thinkers, tinkerers, and doers who want to drive technology to its fullest potential and want to see the reward for the hard work they've put in to make it happen. Broadly called the "Incentive Structure," this is Aaron's brainchild of trial & error, with the goal of creating opportunities to reward individual and team growth as we all work together and grow together to realize our broader ambitions.  

Aaron is a master of self-learning: first, Aaron was a mechanical engineering student at Lafayette College learning casting and materials science as an intern, then Aaron was a materials engineering student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, developing machine learning models for manufacturing, next Aaron was an expert in laser-assisted cold spray, working on lithium-ion batteries, and today Aaron is an entrepreneur finding his way as an executive leader. Aaron has been recognized as a member of Forbes 30 Under 30 (2018), Society of Manufacturing Engineers 30 Under 30 (2017), and Worcester Business Journal 40 Under 40 (2021). Aaron believes in the power of people to effect change, believes in transparency wherever possible, and believes that the best form of communication is open and often. Aaron's backgrounds covering mechanical engineering, materials science, machine learning, manufacturing engineering, process control, process monitoring, electrochemistry, and data management give him the foundation to build ideas; Solvus Global serves as the accelerator to see those ideas brought to fruition. 

When he's not working, which let's be honest, probably doesn't happen often enough, Aaron's passion is exploring. Whether it's a new trail on a weekend hike, a new destination with New England fall foliage, or a destination abroad with new and different experiences, Aaron is always looking to see what's around the corner. And who better to do some exploring with than his brilliant wife, Sarah, and their two pups, Mochi and Cannon. Together, Aaron and Sarah have wandered the globe, eaten their way across New England, and made a home in Sterling, Massachusetts. 

Awards & Accolades

30 Under 30: Aaron Birt

August 16, 2021


Cronin's Corner: Episode 17
Building an Advanced Manufacturing Future

Senator Cronin sits down with Dr. Aaron Birt, co-founder and CEO of Solvus Global, for a conversation on advanced and additive manufacturing, and how these industries can be a tool for social mobility in North Central Mass.

September 29, 2022

June 30, 2019

November 1, 2018

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