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Industrial, Academic, and Governmental Partnerships

Collaboration across various sectors from academia, to industry, to government at all levels provide a holistic approach to solving and optimizing conditions within materials and manufacturing by incorporating advanced technology into the mix.

Industry Partners

Academic Partners

Government Partners

Autumn joined the Solvus team in March of 2019 as Operations Coordinator and is now currently SG’s HR and Marketing Manager where she works to help showcase Solvus Global’s mission, success, and incredible team. She received her bachelor’s degree in Literature and Writing from Keene State College in 2016 and has loved being able to apply her love for people and creativity to her role at Solvus Global. At this stage in her career, she now speaks part-Engineer, which allows her to get excited about all of the company’s new projects. Outside of work, Autumn enjoys writing for her blog, She’s Wildly Capable, spending time outdoors, and thrifting. She is also an avid reader and loves a good DIY project.

Affiliations & Memberships

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