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Global Problem

For the mass adoption of renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, electric aircraft, and life-saving medical devices, a new generation of energy storage is required. Li-Ion batteries have been manufactured the same way for more than 30 years. For the next generation of solid-state and energy dense batteries, the existing manufacturing process is preventing development of these novel battery types.

Our Solution

Kinetic Batteries (KB) is developing a paradigm-shifting manufacturing process that is capable of 3D printing Li-ion batteries. The process is compatible with both traditional liquid electrolyte and next-generation solid-state electrolytes, making it ideal for the next generation of Li-ion battery manufacturing.

Current Status

KB is presently capable of making a range of sizes and shapes that can be assembled into a Li-ion cell for testing and evaluation. KB is seeking partners for development of specific battery products and formats.

Specific Activities

KB develops custom powders using any active material and consolidates them into thin foils for battery electrodes. Electrodes are then assembled into cells of various sizes.

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Expected Impact

KB will be the universal manufacturing process leader for the production of next-generation Li-Ion batteries of all types and formats, enabling a new era of mobile energy storage.