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Maximum Value Recovery from Secondary Resources 

As material consumption rapidly grows to meet the demand of technology enhancement, downgrading materials at end-of-life to low-value, second-life application is becoming increasingly unsustainable. Focus on creating high quality scrap material products for use in high value, upcycled secondary applications is a must to achieve true sustainable material management.


Considering recent advancements in material recovery and sorting techniques and development of artificial intelligence models that ensure the most sustainable, and profitable, processing decisions are made in real time, upgrading all materials to be recycled in new and high value applications is now a reality.

Our Enterprise Solutions

Maximizing profitability of metal scrap recycling


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Driving toward reduced emissions while increasing recycled material value

Use of high-quality secondary materials in high-value applications is key in sustaining consumption of critical material resources. Additionally, replacing primary resources with recycled materials greatly reduces energy consumption and harmful emission release. Solvus Global understands that technological advancement here must be governed by sustainable business models that also increases sustainable material consumption.

Material consumption trends frequently change, and products are constantly being fabricated from new and different materials. One thing remains common however, in that all products require end-of-life treatment and processing. A critical solution Solvus has identified to this growing problem enables material recyclers to adapt and adjust to new processing norms as the products they process change and pose new recycling challenges.

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Enabling real-time flexibility and adaptability to increasingly dynamic process requirements  

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