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Global Problem

Cold Spray and other additive manufacturing (AM) technologies have begun recognizing the importance of high-quality powder for reliability of the manufacturing processes. Specialty heat treatments, custom size distributions, and unique powder blends are all key to next-generation AM solutions.

Our Solution

Powders on Demand (POD) is an online e-commerce platform for the purchase of quality-controlled powder products. We perform quality control checks on every powder lot that comes into our warehouse and do the same checks after we custom-process the powder to meet your specific needs. 

Current Status

The POD platform is launching January 2nd with Al6061, Al7075, and a series of wear resistant chrome carbide materials available. More aluminum and wear powders will be available in the near future.​

Specific Activities

POD provides microstructural optimization, moisture removal, size classification, blending, agglomeration, and granulation operations, with all materials provided in foil-lined, inert bags of any size and quantity.

Expected Impact

POD will be the enabling resource for commercial and research organizations to develop critical applications with materials that are reliable and replicable.​