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Material Property Focused Large Format Additive Manufacturing

B.I.G. wire arc additive technology

Mammoth Metalworks (M2W) represents a new shift in how we think about additive manufacturing. First is a focus on large parts, with material performance in mind. From start to finish we select the best AM method, material heat treatment, and finishing operation all in house with properties typically matching or exceeding target casting & forging replacements.

Mammoth Metalworks combines subtractive manufacturing with large additive manufacturing techniques such as Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, Plasma Arc Additive Manufacturing, Cold Spray, and Friction Stir Additive Manufacturing to provide cost-effective production of large parts greater than 1 Cubic Feet in volume, with relatively low rates of production (1-600 per month) out of specialty materials such as Inconel, Stellite, Maraging Steel, and Titanium. 


Industries & Applications

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