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3D Printable Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries

With electrification viewed as a key path to mitigating the impacts of climate change, energy storage technologies of the last decade have flourished – sources ranging from hydrogen fuel cells to lithium-ion batteries have found a home in cars, trucks, planes, and buses around the globe. These storage technologies are key to ensuring that renewable energy sources can be effectively unlocked and transmitted across the energy-consuming spectrum.


As adoption reaches full swing, production, application, and recycling technologies are critical to ensuring a robust supply chain for energy storage. However, key factors including safety and increased performance continue to drive innovative outcomes. 

Our Enterprise Solutions

3D Printed Lithium-Ion batteries

Kinetic Batteries


Can energy storage be made safer?

With adoption of, in particular, lithium-ion batteries leading the way for mobile energy storage in personal vehicles and buses, there is a critical need for high-performance, highly safe alternatives. Paramount among these technologies are solid-state lithium ion or lithium-metal batteries.

These are capable of operating at higher voltages, with dramatically reduced risk of fire or health hazards. However, the challenge with these battery technologies lies in how to fabricate them effectively and at scale for adoption into major sectors such as automotive and aerospace.


Is it possible to truly print solid-state Li-ion batteries?

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