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Solvus Global establishes innovative materials & manufacturing technology from a research level to a commercially sustainable solution that can support the marketplace for many years to come.

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Powders on Demand

The first online portal for purchase of quality-controlled, custom-processed, and custom-packaged powders for the cold spray and additive manufacturing communities.




Real-time machine learning model fed by industry data streams  to make more intelligent and optimized sorting decisions with guaranteed profitability and quality.

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Customized systems incorporated directly into manufacturing cells, enabling real-time, secure cloud synchronization. Machine-learning-powered feedback controls for maximizing process performance.

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Kinetic Batteries

Kinetic Batteries holds the key to next-generation manufacturing process for 3D printing Li-ion batteries, compatible with traditional liquid electrolyte and solid-state electrolytes.

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Large area additive manufacturing machines to aid in the development of building and innovating greater from concept to parts in months, not years.



For general inquiries, please submit our contact us form or reach out via the email below. Visit our separate business unit pages regarding product needs, technical questions, or investment opportunities.

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