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Emily Molstad, MS

Chief Executive Officer of VALIS

The entirety of Emily Molstad's career has been centered on her passion for the environment and drive to be a part of the change to make industries and society more sustainable. Emily loves any opportunity to build relationships and connect with new people especially those who are excited to tackle tough problems. In alignment of the Solvus Global mission, Emily is set on creating a positive impact by leading and supporting her teammates to deliver on innovative ideas, projects, and products. 

Co-Founder, CEO of VALIS

Since its inception, Emily has taken ownership of the Solvus Global business enterprise, VALIS as co-founder and CEO. Her dedication to renewable energy, waste reduction, and recycling mirrors the VALIS efforts to bring next generation of value and intelligence to the world of recycling. On development and commercialization of scrap sortation technology, Emily is able to take her prior knowledge, experience, and creativity to the next level. A step much further than environmentally friendly, VALIS seeks to enable maximum process insight and optimization via artificial intelligence to reduce waste and promote a circular economy. Emily aims to alleviate current challenges of the scrap sortation industry with integration of VALIS technology further into the recycling supply chain. 


At such a young age, Emily is an exceptional inspiration to all who precede and follow in sustainability engineering. She’s graduated from WPI with both her Masters in Materials Science & Engineering immediately following her Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Materials Science and Engineering, and a minor in Environmental and Sustainability in 2019. As the student speaker for 151st WPI Commencement, Emily has a record of motivating others to succeed. Her leadership is unmatched from her participation in the Grand Challenges National Scholar program to serving as the entrepreneurial lead in the NSF I-Corps program to now, paving the way as CEO of VALIS. 

In her free time, Emily enjoys creative hobbies such as painting and digital art. She has recently picked up furniture restoration as an opportunity to work more with her hands while still having a greener impact. Nothing beats time spent with family and friends or a good hike with her dog, Tuna.  

Awards & Accolades


Innovation Corps: Cohort 2019



Recycling Today 
Fresh Perspective Podcast: Emily Molstad

Emily Molstad, co-founder and CEO of VALIS, shares her journey to the scrap industry and her take on market volatility, the benefits of sensor-based sorting and how the industry can engage and incorporate more young people.

April 12, 2022

Telegram & Gazette
'Success can be found in failure'

Student commencement speaker Emily Molstad echoed Ms. Stofan's remarks with a speech titled "Stepping Stones." She noted that during her four years at WPI she'd followed the motto, "Go to class, do the work, ask for help."

May 11, 2019

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