About Us

At Solvus Global, we harness the power of a creative and multi-disciplinary team to solve difficult problems through development and commercialization of next generation technology.

We focus on challenging and impactful problems, the ones that others shy away from.

We emphasize complete solutions that span development to implementation because we believe it is our responsibility to see a solution through to completion.

We create an environment where outside-the-box thinking is encouraged, and pride and passion in the work we do is vital.

Our team has the power to make decisions, the freedom to push boundaries, and the grit to overcome obstacles. We bring this same dedication to every problem for every customer; we are the interface of change.

The Team

Diran Apelian
Joseph Heelan
Michael Perrone
Aaron Birt
Kevin Thompson
Calvin Mwariama
Sean Kelly
Caitlin Walde
Wei Wang
Alino Te
Emily Molstad
Nathan Rosenberg


About the Company

104 Prescott Street Worcester, Ma 01605

Solvus Global is a technology solution provider for materials and manufacturing specializing in the areas of additive manufacturing, machine learning, and sustainable materials processing.

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